The creator

A mother who is a gemologist and grandparents who are bohemian and whimsical painters, Agnès Roland, creator of the Louise Hendricks brand, grew up in a family where colors danced with shapes.
Initially an actress, she savored the taste of this expression on the stage before giving in to the call of her soul as a creative artist, caught up in her quest for even more independence and freedom. In 2006, in her Parisian workshop, she gave birth to her first collections, where we find the imprint of her personality: free, daring, adventurous, in search of authenticity.
Since then, Agnès has taken us into her unique universe where bohemian meets rock. She has been taking us on a journey for 18 years into her sensitive, mysterious and free world. Each piece of jewelry is an invitation to escape, a story to discover, an adventure to experience. Guided by her intuition, she creates pieces that resonate with the soul of those who wear them and where the strength and beauty of women are celebrated

Celebrating women...

Urban but globetrotting, Agnès draws her inspiration from the city. Each journey is an encounter, a source of inspiration that she whispers to us in her creations; she comes to tell us these stories of women. To wear Louise Hendricks jewelry is to assert your own style and identity.
Whether you're an urbanite, a minimalist or a fashionista, her jewelry invites you to be in the essence of yourself. And because she strives for purity in her creations, she constantly renews our desire to be, without appearing.

Her jewels are light catchers, constant reminders of a woman's strength and beauty. They inspire us to become the heroines of our own story.

Louise Hendricks' collections embody a mysterious strength, where materials and stones blend harmoniously. Inspired as much by the timeless elegance of the '20s as by the freedom of the '70s, these creations evoke a retro-rock style that's both chic and casual. It's as if Gatsby the Magnificent were inviting us to dance to the frenetic rhythm of "Walk this Way".

...and the mysteries.

Louise Hendricks invites us to wear protective jewelry. She creates mysterious talismans with magical properties, which would have been left to her by messengers from the past.
Each jewel is a fragment, a link with the secrets of the past. Like ancient artifacts unearthed from a forgotten civilization. It reminds us that there are invisible forces guiding our steps and yet these unfathomable secrets are waiting to be revealed.
His creations awaken our curiosity and the ardent desire to decipher the enigma.
Louise Hendricks jewelry is a portal to a world where magic and mystery mingle in a captivating dance, to a world of infinite possibilities. By wearing these creations, we become the guardians of this ancient knowledge, women with superpowers.

The imperfection

Louise Hendricks revisits eras with a poetic touch and where each imperfection is carefully highlighted to tell a unique story.
It celebrates the marks of time, the scars of history. Collections that become silent witnesses of a journey through time.
Using polishes
summary, it gives the impression that its jewelry has already passed through 1000 lives. Each scrape, each scratch is the testimony of a tumultuous past, of an eventful history, of a unique story.
The Bazile cross, signature of the house, perfectly embodies this idea. Drawn with deliberate irregularity, as if a child had left his imprint on the wax, this cross symbolizes the beauty of imperfection, the elegance of chance.


The designer begins by drawing each piece. She can then work on wax or in a 2D model.
Inspired by her travels in India, Greece, Africa, Asia, Louise Hendricks draws on these riches to add a touch of mystery, sprinkle stones or zircons, add enamel, engrave her secrets. ..
Each piece of jewelry is then made with know-how and precision that follows the codes of jewelry, grain-set, bezel-set, fine stones, recycled and galvanized brass in 18-carat gold plating.